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1/2 Dozen Baked Clams $8.95   Pizza Bread


  on the half shell    

Garlic Bread


Sauteed Mushrooms and $7.95  

Soup and Salad


  Artichokes       unlimited; served with bread  
Sauteed Calamari $8.95   Soup, unlimited


Mussels a la marinara $8.95


Salad, unlimited


Cheese and Olives $7.95   Bread and Olive Oil only




Homemade Minestrone Soup, Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing, both

served family style, with refills, Bread and Seasoned Olive Oil



choose your sauce:
13 Shrimp and Broccoli        Homemade Meat Sauce            Alfredo Sauce    
  in a light garlic sauce               or Marinara*          R Place rich & creamy sauce
          $20.95                                 $10.95                                    $12.45



choose your pasta:

Linguine            Rigatoni            Spaghetti            Mostaccioli

Fettuccine        Angel Hair        Ravioli (meat or cheese)        Meat Tortellini


Oven baked in a casserole  mozzarella cheese - $3.95 extra

1-1/4 lb. homemade Italian sausage $4.45     

1-2 oz. meatball $2.25        2-2 oz. meatballs $4.45



2 Pork Chops, Vesuvio Style $19.45   Baked Eggplant* $16.95
  sauteed with garlic and white wine       meatless, stuffed with a blend of three cheeses
  sauce and served with vesuvio potatoes     Chicken Alfredo $16.95
Vegetable Rotini* $14.95    chicken breast with alfredo sauce  
  with sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh     Lasagna* $15.95
  garlic and vegetables       four cheese; topped with meat sauce or  
Combo $17.45     marinara  
  chicken cacciatora, sausage and ravioli     *vegetarian  


Chicken Tetrazzini $16.95   Chicken Cacciatora**  $16.95
  served in a casserole over spaghetti       Made with our special herbs and spices.  
Chicken Vesuvio** $16.95     1/2 bone in chicken served over mostaccioli  
  1/2 chicken on the bone, sauteed with      Old World Fried Chicken** $16.95
  garlic and white wine and served with       1/2 chicken on the bone; served with   
  vesuvio potatoes       mostaccioli.  
Chicken Diavolo $16.95   Chicken Parmigiana $16.95
  Hot! Hot! Hot! Chicken breast served        breaded and served with mostaccioli  
  with fettuccine     **Boneless, skinless breasts - $3.25 extra



Pepper Steak $21.95   R Place Sirloin Butt Steak $20.95
  served with spaghetti        
Beef Braciole $20.95   New York Strip Steak $23.45
  Two rolled pieces of sirloin, stuffed with        
  ham, cheese and spices.  Served over mostaccioli   All our beef is hand cut and trimmed.  


Veal Lemon $24.95   Veal Scaloppini $24.95
  in a light wine and lemon sauce,       sauteed with fresh mushrooms and wine  
  served with angel hair pasta       sauce, served over angel hair pasta  
Veal Picante $24.95   Veal Marsala $24.95
  sauteed in egg batter with capers, sage,       sauteed with fresh mushrooms in a   
  wine and fresh tomatoes, served with       Marsela wine sauce, served with angel  
  angel hair pasta       hair pasta  


Shrimp Alfredo $20.95   Linguine and Clam Sauce $14.95
  13 shrimp in a thick wine sauce, served       served with a natural white sauce  
  with fettuccine     Red Snapper $18.95
Shrimp Diavolo $20.95     10-12 oz. portion in butter sauce, served  
  13 shrimp saugeed with linguine in a       with mostaccioli  
  spicy tomato sauce     Broiled Swordfish $19.95
Shrimp DeJonghe $20.95     10-12 oz. portion in butter sauce, served  
  sauteed in garlic and breadcrumbs with a       with mostaccioli  
  hint of sherry, served with mostaccioli     Broiled Lobster $32.95
Sauteed Calamari $17.95     two 5-6 oz. tails broiled to perfection,  
  served with Pomidoro sauce over linguine       with lemon butter, served with mostaccioli  
Broiled Boston Scrod $16.95   King Crab Legs, split $29.95
  10-12 oz. portion in butter sauce, served       Ruler of the Sea, served with mostaccioli  
  with mostaccioli        


Spumoni $4.75   Cannoli $5.75

Enjoy one of our cordials, listed on the back page.


CHILDREN'S MENU (10 and under)






$3.00 off any pasta with meat sauce or marinara; includes soup, salad and sherbet






Children 5 and under-no charge for meal shared with an adult






18% gratuity added to parties of six or more

$3.75 plate charge for adults, with only one soup and one salad







Coke      Diet Coke      Sprite      Root Beer

Iced Tea      Hot Tea      Lemonde      Milk






Kiddie Cocktail      Chocolate Milk      Coffee











Chardonnay      Pinot Grigio      Riesling      White Zinfandel

Cabernet Sauvignon      Chianti      Merlot      Pinot Nior

$6.95 per glass - $21.95 per bottle





Lambrusco - $7.25 per split










$7.95 per split - $24.95 per bottle










Miller Genuine Draft    Miller Genuine Draft Lite

Miller Lite      Miller 65      Budweiser      Bud Light



Beck's      Heiniken      Peroni







all served in a Wisconsin tub





Absolute      Grey Goose      Smirnoff      UV Blue

Barcardi      Captain Morgan's      Malibu Caribbean

Beefeaters      Bombay Sapphire      Seagram's Gin

Canadian Club      Seagram's VO      Windsor Canadian

Crown Royal      Seagram's 7      Southern Comfort

Jack Daniels      Jim Beam      Wild Turkey

Bushmill's      Jose Cuervo      Sauza Gold

Courvoisier      Korbel      J. Bavet      Remy Martin VSOP

Chivas Regal      Glenfiddich      Glenlivet      Grant's











B & B     Bailey's     Chocolate Wine     Disaronno Amaretto     Drambuie

Frangelico     Grand Marnier     Jagermeister     Kahlua      

Romana Sambuca Classico    Romana Sambuca Black    Sandeman Ruby Port


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